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Event planning during Covid

After a year devoid of events, the world seems ready for concerts, weddings, and all of the other activities we took for granted before 2020. Nashville artist, Anna Vaus, knew that people were itching to get back to normal. She was not willing to wait for traditional concert venues to open back up, so she used the power of social media to set up a series of private backyard concerts for her fans.

Vaus spoke with her manager, and they came up with the idea for the “Girl in a Backyard” tour. She reached out to people via TikTok and asked if she could play a show in their backyard. After creating a submission form, she set up a tour across the United States in strangers’ backyards. People paid what they could, provided Vaus and her guitarist with a meal, and she was on her way.


Because I WANNA HANG OUT WITH U 🙂 #swiftie #dancingqueen #newcountrymusic #youalloverme

♬ original sound – Anna Vaus

Vaus isn’t the only person to utilize TikTok for marketing and crowdfunding purposes. TikTok has become the next big platform for influencer marketing, with many companies investing less in traditional influencer platforms like Instagram. In 2021 the app is expected to reach 1.2 billion users and have a presence in 150 countries, creating a massive reach into multiple markets for brands. Aside from big brands, TikTok sees many micro-influencers, small businesses, and independent creators leverage the app for their benefit. The unique algorithm serves these small creators by pushing their content out to people who do not necessarily follow them via the “For You Page.” The number of followers you have does not determine the reach of your content, making the platform perfect for up and coming accounts and creators.

 Amongst her shows in Atlanta, Nashville, and Dallas, Vaus is traveling to Stillwater, MN on June 10th to play a show in the backyard of Kenzington’s Creative Director to kick off their event planning service this summer. With Adelaide’s extensive experience in events and the music industry, it was only natural for a concert to be the inaugural Kenzington event. 

Musicians private backyard concerts video

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